Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Real Estate Guide

The Real Estate growth in india is differentiated into Three main categories they are
  1.  Residential sector
  2. Retail sector and
  3. Commercial
These are the three main categories tend to major growth in the indian real estate.
Currently Real estate business is peaked to sky level In the major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi. A survey report says by 2030 60% of population over the country will be living in cities. So just imagine the necessity and demand for the real estate in bangalore and these main cities.

Here is some General Tips While Purchasing Property in Bangalore

Need To Get Approval from Various departments

  • Approval From Municipality
  • Approval from Electricity Board
  •  Approval from the city development authority
  •   Approval from pollution control authority
  •   Approval from forest and agriculture

Have to make research on location whether it fulfill the following requirement
  •           Electricity connections
  •          Water connections
  •          Road and transportation facilities
  •          Proper drainage, sewage and garbage arrangements
  •           Hospitals, Educational institution, shopping facilities are nearby the location

Ensure the following Ownership Documents Carefully
  •      Previous ownership documents for the last thirteen years
  •           Previous encumbrance documents for the last thirteen years
  •             Tax Paid receipts

And also check the available builders in Bangalore and visit their old projects and get feedback from the buyers.

Most number of big players in the Indian real estate market has tied up with larger international players and is utilizing architecture and design expertise in constructing world-class residential projects in major cities, which satisfy most of the expectations and needs of the customers.

Monday, 29 July 2013

5 Main Tips for Vasthu

1.Before Construction

          Before starting construction work it is recommended to perform a Boomi Pooja. This has been considered as auspicious beginning for the construction to proceed successfully.

2.  House Entrance

  East is the favorable direction for the Entrance of the home. This is Because sun rises in the east and it brings positive energy for the home. More open land in the north and east than south and west.

3.  Kitchen Location

  Kitchen location should be in south-east and 
platform should be in east. Make sure that
kitchen should not be located directly in front of 
the main door. Shink should be on the left side
of the platform and gas should be right side of the

   Dining rooms should be in the west. 

4.  Master Bedroom

  Master bedrooms should be located in the 
south-west corner of east facing home. While 
sleeping head should be in south or west but
never in north.
Sample Plan with Vasthu compliance

5.  Toilet Location

            Toilets should located at the south-east or 
north-west corner. Drainage pipes should be in
north or east portion of the house.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Floor Plan For 15 * 60 House

Floor Plan  for 1669 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom

15 ft wide
60 ft deep

Ground Floor
3 Bhk Flats in Bangalore

Main Floor

First Floor

Upper Floor


Plan Styles
Bungalow / Craftsman
Exterior Wall Framing
Outdoor Spaces
Covered Front Porch
Covered Rear Porch
Main Floor Sq Ft
849 sq ft
Upper Floor Sq Ft
820 sq ft
Total Sq Ft
1669 sq ft
Additional Rooms
Upstairs Laundry
Kitchen Features
Walk In Pantry Cabinet Pantry
Nook Breakfast Area Dining
Bedroom Features
Split Bedrooms
Walk In Closet
Upstairs Master Bdrm
Upstairs Bedrooms Bath
Upper Ceiling Ft
8 ft
Main Ceiling Ft
9 ft
Lot Characteristics
Suited For Narrow Lot
Primary Pitch
Roof Framing
Unusual Shape
28 ft
60 ft
15 ft
Basic Features
Garage Stalls
Potential Bedrooms

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Modern Flats Architectural Designs

Indian Architecture

The ancient Indian architecture embraces a variety of structures that came into existence in the ancient period of Indian history.  The earliest remains of recognizable building activity in the India dates back to the Indus Valley cities. Among India's ancient architectural remains, the most characteristic are the temples, Chaityas, Viharas, Stupas and other religious structures.  

People in India are now changing to the modern architecture which suits their current trend, Below are some sample designs of our Modern architecture.

Modern Kitechen 

Dubrovka Apartment- Za Bor Architects-02-1 Kindesign

Dubrovka Apartment- Za Bor Architects-05-1 Kindesign

Modern Bedroom Designs

2 bhk apartments in bangalore
Dubrovka Apartment- Za Bor Architects-09-1 Kindesign

Modern Architecture

The Following are the floor plans of the modern house

Flat Buying Guide

Choosing the right location

The first step in buying bangalore apartments is selecting the location, prefer locations near to your workplace, school and colleges if possible

And prefer the locations which has decent crowd, easy access of grocery stores, hospitals, park, temple, etc

List down all your requirement s and check whether your locality satisfy all your needs such as electricity, metro water, ground water level, roads, transportation, etc

Estimate Your Budget

Estimate minimum and maximum budget you are ready to spend for the apartments in Bangalore. And start search the current market price which suits your budget.

Identify Builders in Bangalore

Prepare the list of builder in Bangalore and collect project quotations from them and shortlist the builders quote which suits your budget and economy conditions. Check all other Bangalore Projects

Verify the property documents

This is the final step before booking your flat. Verify the approval documents, check the encumbrance certificate if any loan has been taken for the property. Take photocopy of all the documents and concern with the Bangalore real estate lawer. Make sure all the original documents are verified before buying the apartment.

Buying the apartment

First settle the booking advance to the owner and get the sale agreement from the builder on stamp paper and settle the full amount before the date mentioned in the sale agreement…

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Various Stages in Construction

Following are the stage by stage process of construction

Stage -1

  • Architectural Floor plans.
  • Floor plan Changes.
  • Finalization of floor plans.
  • One 3D Elevation of Final drawings.

Stage -2

  • Structural drawings based on final floor plan.
  • Foundation drawings.
  • Slab drawings.
  • Steel designing.
  • Any other drawings required will be given.
And also know about bangalore real estate

Stage -3

  • Architectural working drawings.
  • Ground floor working drawings, First Floor drawings.
  • Window, Elevation, Compound, Flooring, Electrical.
  • Plumbing, Sanitary, Rain water harvesting.
  • Any other drawings required will be given.
Stage -4

  • Guidance to building contractor on site.
  • Monitor the progress of work as per drawings.
  • Structural visits.
  • Plumbing, Sanitary, Rain water harvesting.
  • Any other drawings required will be given.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Details to Know before starting Construction

After finalization of the Floor plan and Elevation in stage 2 and 3 you are aware of the market situation and it’s time to find a contractor. Find out a good contractor who you can trust with your money. See his past work, talk to his customers and get a quotation.  There are 3 types of contract you can work out with your contractor
  1. Lump sum - You release money once various stages are completed.
  2. Labour only - You buy the materials and hire only the labour from the contractor.
  3. Cost - You pay for labour and material accurately. Then you pay additional for the services of the contractor.
Make sure the agreement between you and the contractor is as crystal clear as possible to the minute detail. This will help avoiding cost deviations. Apartments in bangalore
1200 - 1400Rs / sq ft
1500 - 1600 Rs / sq ft
Mid Range
1700Rs - 2000 / sq ft
High End

 High End
Vitrified 70 Rs / Sq ft
Vitrified 100-150 Rs / Sq ft
Granite 250 Rs / Sq ft
Anchor Roma
Anchor Ave
Interior Paint

Exterior Paint


Simple cabinets with Andhra Slabs
Modular kitchen in plywood
Italian Kitchen.
Exterior Look
Box type
Box type Contemporary.
Sloped Roof
Tiled Roof
Granite cladding on exteriors.
Steel fabricated
Honne and sal wood frames or flush doors
Teak wood.
Steel fabricated
Honne and sal wood frames, UPVC sliding
UPVC casement, Teak Wood.

This cost per sq ft doesn’t include.
  1. Drawing and architect plan.
  2. Bribes.
  3. Costs like plan approval.
  4. Road cutting charges.
  5. Temporary electricity connection.
  6. Borewell.
  7. Geysers for bathrooms.
  8. Solar unit.
  9. Sump tank.
  10. Gate.
  11. Compound wall.
  12. Flagging concrete.
  13. Drain stone.
  14. Security grills
  15. Anti termite treatment.
  16. Rain water harvesting unit
  17. Kitchen chimney
  18. Water pump
You need to negotiate to some extend, so here your market survey is going to be handy. Dont reduce the price too much from market rate this will force the contractor to use sub-standard materials. There is always a profit margin which he will make, so keep that in mind, if you eat away his profit margin he will try to balance it out with sub-strandard materials.
Take quotations from multiple contractors and compare the pros & cons. 90% of the decision is based on trust, but keep a legal agreement in hand as well.
  1. Any other construction work he is doing in parallel? Will he be too occupied with the other construction. Will he share workforce between construction.
  2. How much deviation does he expect considering the prices
  3. How much aware is he about the current market prices
  4. Does he get aggressive when things dont work out. 
  5. How soon will be get the work done.
  6. Does he look at the site and actual plan to provide an accurate estimate?
  7. Does he think at your level? Simple test here is to ask how much would be the basic cost of a sink he will put according to his estimate? Assuming that as baseline assume that the rough estimate he gave will have materials costs in that range. If he is thinking 3K sink and you are thinking of 5K sink then you know that the estimate he has given you is at lower end.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Cost Calculator For Building a House

  These are the recent construction prices offered by builders in bangalore. And also know more about prices and latest trend in bangalore house for sale in bangalore
 Material Recent Price
   Cement Per 50kg bag   Rs.275
  Non ISI   Rs.44,200
   TMT 8MM dia   Rs.44,800
   TMT 10-25 MM dia   Rs.43,300
   RMS (Ready made steel)   Rs.47,500
   STIRRUPS  "   Rs.48,500
   VSP / SAIL   Rs.45,500
   BRICKS 3000 NOS   Rs.19,000
   RIVER SAND   Rs.43/-per cft

  BLUE METAL (Material not Freely avaliable)
   20 MM
   Rs.28 to Rs.30/-cft
   40 MM
   Rs.24 to Rs.26/-cft
   Grade 80/100
   Grade 60/70
   Rs.500 to Rs.550
                                                                         Rs.350 to Rs.400
   Rs.250 to Rs.300
   Rs.450 to Rs.500
   Rs.500 to Rs.550

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Property in Bangalore For Sale

Wanna Buy Properties in Bangalore? But don't know Where and What's Happening in Bangalore Real Estate?  

Here is the latest Real Estate scenario of

The Demand for the residential flats/apartments/projects, commercial, office space in bangalore retail are continually scaling newer heights. The "IT capital of India" is witnessing new benchmarking in pricing property for both property sales and rental.In 2013 North bangalore will continue to grow since many new projects are came to the completion stage.

In terms of commercial properties outer ring road will work exceedingly well in 2013 when comparing tpo all other localities. North and East Bangalore are teh areas where the retailers and mall developers are targerting to establish their business.


Builders in Bangalore are also targeting North and East Bangalore to establishing their new projects.