Friday, 19 July 2013

Cost Calculator For Building a House

  These are the recent construction prices offered by builders in bangalore. And also know more about prices and latest trend in bangalore house for sale in bangalore
 Material Recent Price
   Cement Per 50kg bag   Rs.275
  Non ISI   Rs.44,200
   TMT 8MM dia   Rs.44,800
   TMT 10-25 MM dia   Rs.43,300
   RMS (Ready made steel)   Rs.47,500
   STIRRUPS  "   Rs.48,500
   VSP / SAIL   Rs.45,500
   BRICKS 3000 NOS   Rs.19,000
   RIVER SAND   Rs.43/-per cft

  BLUE METAL (Material not Freely avaliable)
   20 MM
   Rs.28 to Rs.30/-cft
   40 MM
   Rs.24 to Rs.26/-cft
   Grade 80/100
   Grade 60/70
   Rs.500 to Rs.550
                                                                         Rs.350 to Rs.400
   Rs.250 to Rs.300
   Rs.450 to Rs.500
   Rs.500 to Rs.550

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