Monday, 29 July 2013

5 Main Tips for Vasthu

1.Before Construction

          Before starting construction work it is recommended to perform a Boomi Pooja. This has been considered as auspicious beginning for the construction to proceed successfully.

2.  House Entrance

  East is the favorable direction for the Entrance of the home. This is Because sun rises in the east and it brings positive energy for the home. More open land in the north and east than south and west.

3.  Kitchen Location

  Kitchen location should be in south-east and 
platform should be in east. Make sure that
kitchen should not be located directly in front of 
the main door. Shink should be on the left side
of the platform and gas should be right side of the

   Dining rooms should be in the west. 

4.  Master Bedroom

  Master bedrooms should be located in the 
south-west corner of east facing home. While 
sleeping head should be in south or west but
never in north.
Sample Plan with Vasthu compliance

5.  Toilet Location

            Toilets should located at the south-east or 
north-west corner. Drainage pipes should be in
north or east portion of the house.

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