Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Flat Buying Guide

Choosing the right location

The first step in buying bangalore apartments is selecting the location, prefer locations near to your workplace, school and colleges if possible

And prefer the locations which has decent crowd, easy access of grocery stores, hospitals, park, temple, etc

List down all your requirement s and check whether your locality satisfy all your needs such as electricity, metro water, ground water level, roads, transportation, etc

Estimate Your Budget

Estimate minimum and maximum budget you are ready to spend for the apartments in Bangalore. And start search the current market price which suits your budget.

Identify Builders in Bangalore

Prepare the list of builder in Bangalore and collect project quotations from them and shortlist the builders quote which suits your budget and economy conditions. Check all other Bangalore Projects

Verify the property documents

This is the final step before booking your flat. Verify the approval documents, check the encumbrance certificate if any loan has been taken for the property. Take photocopy of all the documents and concern with the Bangalore real estate lawer. Make sure all the original documents are verified before buying the apartment.

Buying the apartment

First settle the booking advance to the owner and get the sale agreement from the builder on stamp paper and settle the full amount before the date mentioned in the sale agreement…

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