Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Real Estate Guide

The Real Estate growth in india is differentiated into Three main categories they are
  1.  Residential sector
  2. Retail sector and
  3. Commercial
These are the three main categories tend to major growth in the indian real estate.
Currently Real estate business is peaked to sky level In the major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi. A survey report says by 2030 60% of population over the country will be living in cities. So just imagine the necessity and demand for the real estate in bangalore and these main cities.

Here is some General Tips While Purchasing Property in Bangalore

Need To Get Approval from Various departments

  • Approval From Municipality
  • Approval from Electricity Board
  •  Approval from the city development authority
  •   Approval from pollution control authority
  •   Approval from forest and agriculture

Have to make research on location whether it fulfill the following requirement
  •           Electricity connections
  •          Water connections
  •          Road and transportation facilities
  •          Proper drainage, sewage and garbage arrangements
  •           Hospitals, Educational institution, shopping facilities are nearby the location

Ensure the following Ownership Documents Carefully
  •      Previous ownership documents for the last thirteen years
  •           Previous encumbrance documents for the last thirteen years
  •             Tax Paid receipts

And also check the available builders in Bangalore and visit their old projects and get feedback from the buyers.

Most number of big players in the Indian real estate market has tied up with larger international players and is utilizing architecture and design expertise in constructing world-class residential projects in major cities, which satisfy most of the expectations and needs of the customers.


  1. Buying of property a person should know that what propose he is buying there are various formalities which need to be fulfilled properly


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